Elizabeth Treonze Real Estate

We’re a boutique agency focused on making sure our vendors get the prices they’re after, while our landlords get the tenants they want. We pride ourselves on being the best agents in our area and make sure we live up to our values: integritycommitment, and partnership.

So what does being a boutique agency really mean for you? Actually, it has two meanings. The first refers to the immaculate standard of the properties listed; and secondly, to the personable, reliable and relaxing-to-deal-with service the firm provides. In both cases, it’s attention to detail that makes the difference.

Our Mission

To be locally recognised as one the most valued property advisors in Australia. Whether Selling or Leasing property, we promise to give you the best advise.

Our Mission

Every day we make our clients’ lives simpler by providing solutions that help them fulfill their financial aspirations and dreams through property.

What does “Everyday” mean?

  • We are consistent
  • We are committed as a team
  • We are reliable
  • We are driven by our mission

What does “Simpler” mean?

  • We provide convenient access to real estate sector through property
  • We help our clients make informed decisions about the current property market

What does “Providing Solutions” mean?

  • We listen to our customers
  • We assume ownership of any issues or complaints and ensure timely resolution

What does “Fulfill Financial Aspirations” mean?

  • Our customers’ financial aspirations are important to us
  • We build win-win, long-lasting relationships

Our Differentiation


  • We deliver superior service by taking ownership of the same, responding promptly, efficiently and courteously to our clients;
  • We demonstrate initiatives and provide a range of alternatives
  • We know our market well, obtain continuous client feedback, maintain a positive approach and go the extra mile
  • We are innovative because we challenge existing practices, as well as seek and identify informative alternatives
  • We develop creative methods of sales, offering new skills of knowledge and negotiation and learn from our mistakes

Our People


  • We strive towards accepting change, being positive, making things happen, taking initiative and responsibility, having the willingness to learn, thus improving continuously
  • Our desire is to provide breakthrough results, achieving goals beyond our comfort zone and always delivering more than promised
  • We pride ourselves by delivering constantly, being proactive, as well as showing our commitment to them, to our clients and to each other
  • We build our clients confidentiality, fulfill our commitments
  • Our clients know that we are trustworthy and respectful because we behave ethically, keep promises by backing words with actions and have the courage to do the right thing
  • By being sincere and consistent in our behavior, we are accountable and transparent in our actions, thereby delivering our promises
  • We share our expertise, ideas, information and knowledge with all our clients
  • We commit to understanding our goals, trust and support each other
  • Through accountability, active participation and collaboration, we achieve the highest possible price

Our Due Diligence Checklist


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